Our Story

Bend Botanicals

Was founded in 2018 to produce and offer the highest quality full spectrum hemp extract available

Meet Guy, Co-Owner and Head Producer

Bend, Oregon Native

Guy Walter likes to figure out how things work. While running a successful excavation company and raising a family, Guy taught himself to be a rare metals assayer and became a federally certified refrigeration technician.

Five Years Producing CBD

When his brother-in-law was in a serious automobile accident five years ago, Guy became a medical marijuana provider and started experimenting with extraction. That experience convinced him that CBD was the key to alleviating many physical ailments, and he became a hemp processor two years ago.


Guy began giving his product to relatives and friends for a variety of complaints, and everyone wanted to continue using it! This led Guy to organize Bend Botanicals, Inc., where our experience has been the same. We are committed to offering the highest quality whole herb extract to the public, true to Guy’s goal of doing well by doing good.