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Why Bend Botanicals?

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD products contain all of the compounds and terpenes found in the hemp strains extracted from, rather than isolating certain compounds from the hemp.

Healing Properties

Pre-clinical studies have shown that CBD products aide in reducing pain, anxiety, seizures and more.

Proprietary Method

Unique proprietary process produces an extract which retains all of the naturally occurring compounds of the plant with no residual solvents.

Produced in Bend, Oregon

Organically grown, hand harvested, and blended with organic food-grade coconut oil in Bend, Oregon.


  • Zoltan Kasko
    Three months ago, I suffered a rather serious knee injury in a mountain biking accident, leaving me with an injured MCL, LCL and meniscus. I attacked it with all the knowledge I had using several herbal tinctures, poultices, and BEND BOTANICALS CBD OIL.
    I found a huge pain relief and experienced a big leap in the acute phase of my recovery. I took the CBD salve both internally and externally. Applying it all day long on my affected knee under bandages literally soaked my injury.
    I am grateful for the relief that I received initially from CBD salve for its anti-inflammatory calming effect during the first phase of trauma. Currently, I am still recovering and healing well.
    Thank you, Bend Botanicals!!!
    Zoltan Kasko